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What is ParentZone?

ParentZone is a system that allows you to view your child’s Learning Journal online. It is a smart phone app designed to bring you as a parent, closer to your child’s development in nursery.

How can I access the ParentZone system?

You will be provided with a unique user name and password to your child’s online portfolio, so you can view at any time what your child is achieving during their time in nursery. An email will be sent to your supplied email address which will allow you to register and create a password.

You can download apps for ParentZone on android and iOS devices using the icons above or just search the Apple App store or Google Play Store using the term ‘ParentZone’


How safe are my details?

The system is secure and the information contained within this system will only be accessed by you and our nursery team – under no circumstances will the information, observations or photos be shared with anyone else.

Connection to iConnect and ParentZone is protected by industry standard SSL/TLS Certificates which ensure nobody can eavesdrop on your connection. You can rest assured; your data is super safe.

What are the benefits of ParentZone?

There are many benefits to using ParentZone to view your child’s Learning Journal online….

  • You can easily see your child’s daily activities like meals, sleep times and nappy changes
  • You will be able to see a timeline of your child’s day at nursery, with photos, videos and notes on your child’s daily activities that are logged by your child’s Key Person during their time in nursery
  • You can access the system from home or work, at any time you choose, as you will have a unique user name and password
  • You can be involved in your child’s assessments, and by adding comments and other important information that you would like nursery to be aware of you can enhance communication between home and nursery to benefit your child’s development.
  • You will be able to add observations from home, which our staff teams can utilise in nursery.

To post an observation:

  1. click “+add” then select add your event here…
  2. Highlight your child’s picture and write notes on your child and what they said.
  3. When complete click “send to nursery




To access your individual parent zone portal click here